Uniting diverse people through teambuilding activities

About Me

Hi, I’m Steve Mato Mato, a man on a mission. My mission is to unite diverse people through various customized team-building activities.


My official name is Stephen N Kinyanjui, I am an experienced team-building facilitator, experiential trainer, YouTuber, Corporate MC, Tour Operator, avid traveler, and a man with many so many hats.


I’m the founder of the brand Steve Mato Mato and Emprise Quest Events which delivers high-energy team building. For over 8 years, together with my team, we have delivered high-energy, team-building programs for corporates, organizations, institutions, and different groups both locally and internationally; propelling them to shatter any ceilings – glass or otherwise – that may impede employee output.


Having done a course in Tourism and Travel Management, I am also a tour operator and an avid traveler which inspired me to be a YouTube Vlogger  where I share travel stories from different places. 

Steve Mato Mato - Teambuilding Facilitator | Experiential Trainer


The brand customizes all events and programs to integrate the clients’ language of teamwork, which ensures that the body, mind, and spirit of the team members of the organization in question are enabled, to increase trust and team member commitment.

The programs are tailor-made and flexible in order to adapt to the nature of the client’s unique character and requirements, to ensure that it hits the togetherness bulls-eye for the team.


“When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed.” -Russel Honore

My Clients

At ‘Steve Mato Mato’ we strive to consistently pursue and maintain long-term relationships with our clients and to empower companies to work with positive and trustworthy employees. 


What People Say About Me

Steve or Mato Mato has a unique ability to understand the needs of each project, duration and tailor his approach to meet those needs for the client’s objectives. He is an excellent communicator and facilitator, and he has a knack for creating a positive and productive environment that encourages collaboration and teamwork. Thanks to Steve’s efforts, client teams have grown stronger and more effective and. I highly recommend Steve and his team building services to any organization looking to build stronger and more productive teams and energetic meetings.

Muthuri kinyamu

Cofounder, Turnup.Travel