Steve Mato Mato | Team-building Facilitator | Experiential Trainer | Corporate Emcee | Youtuber

Hi, I’m Steve Mato Mato, a man on a mission. My mission is to unite diverse people through various customized team-building activities.

My official name is Stephen N Kinyanjui, I am an experienced team-building facilitator, experiential trainer, YouTuber, Corporate MC, Tour Operator, avid traveler, and a man with many so many hats.

I’m the founder of the brand Steve Mato Mato and Emprise Quest Events which delivers high-energy team building. For over 8 years, together with my team, we have delivered high-energy, team-building programs for corporates, organizations, institutions, and different groups both locally and internationally; propelling them to shatter any ceilings – glass or otherwise – that may impede employee output.

Having done a course in Tourism and Travel Management, I am also a tour operator and an avid traveler which inspired me to be a YouTube Vlogger (youtube.com/stevematomato) where I share travel stories from different places.

Fun Fact: My name is not Martin

Why am I known as Mato Mato? Mato Mato’s name dates back to over 10 years ago when I was starting the journey of becoming a team-building facilitator.

Back then I was doing a lot of fun and bonding activities with my peers from campus and church and among their favorite activities was ‘Mato Mato’. So my friends nicknamed Mato Mato based on the activity. I liked the name and I adopted it as my brand name.

One of my mentors advised me that a good brand name plays a monumental role in the perception people have of your brand, and your ability to grow as a company or individual. Mato Mato is one of the favorite activities I do facilitate during team building sessions up to today. I am delighted by the far the brand has gone.

Call me Mato Mato. I will be happy!