5 characteristics of good team-building activities

Research has shown that when people work in teams, they can accomplish far more than a group of individuals working together. But not all team-building activities are created equal. Over the last few years, some industry experts have leveled criticism at the ‘quick-fix’ attitude that has been adopted by many companies who attempt to create or sponsor their own team-building activities.

In order to be effective, say experts in corporate teams, a team-building event must have the following characteristics.

Team building should integrate with real work goals

It’s not enough to plan a fun day of activities for your team. The team-building event that you plan should help focus the members of the team on what’s not working and what needs to happen for the team to work together.

Team building should be a part of an overall company goal

Plan team-building activities and events as part of the company’s overall plan for success. That means more than just a one off event to go ziplining. Team-building events should be an ongoing, annual or semi-annual event.

Team building should be planned by a team.

After all, the goal is to promote teamwork. The planning team should model the behavior that you expect it to promote. Team building should be followed up with real work integration. To be meaningful, we highly recommend that team-building efforts must continue beyond the event day.

Team building should be reinforced by rewarding teamwork and team behavior

Once you have a team that’s working as a team, you need to reinforce that behavior by rewarding it. Recognition of teams that are working exceptionally well, special corporate events to mark team accomplishments, and notice in the company newsletter are all ways to reinforce and reward teamwork within your company.

Team building should be followed up with real work integration. 

A one-off event that has no follow-up in the work world will be seen as a day out at best. To be meaningful, team-building efforts must continue beyond the event day.

A corporate teambuilding facilitator can offer your company custom team-building activities that are designed to help your employees and coworkers focus on the importance of working together as a team by providing focused activities. Seek out a real professional with experience and expertise in building exercises that build teams


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